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Toni Fragola, founder of Jopat Inc. has achieved success for over 60 years in sports related construction. After working his first 10 years in the industry and gaining incomparable experience, Toni Fragola decided to embark on his own business venture. Inspired by the unconditional support of his two young sons Joe and Pat, and in their honour, Terrassement Jopat Inc. was established in 1985.
As teenagers, both sons took an early interest in their dad's work, and soon thereafter followed in his footsteps, joining the Jopat team. Toni's pride and confidence in his workmanship, is something which he instilled in his sons immediately. He taught them the importance of always doing a great job, and strive to do better.
In 2006, Dominic Fratipietro, Toni's nephew joined the Jopat team on a full time basis. Dominic is hardworking and a perfectionist by nature, which is in line with JOPAT's way of doing business. His addition to our team ensures a continued quality of service to our growing client base year after year.

Toni , Joe,Pat and Dom have acquired over 100 combined years of qualified experience in providing quality work and excellent service, second to none.
Today Joe, Pat and Dom ,are directly involved in all of Jopat Inc.'s projects, providing you know how, excellence, and above all, assuring you superior Results. Their pledge is Excellence, the result is Quality.
We always give you the best because you deserve the best, always!!

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Among our satisfied customers:

  • Tennis Canada
  • Le Sanctuaire club
  • West Island Tennis club
  • City of Montreal
  • City of Nicolet
  • City of Marieville
  • City of Quebec
  • Mega Blocks
  • Saguenay Tennis Club
  • City of Sherbrooke
  • Rimouski Tennis Club
  • Drummondville Olympique
  • City of Victoriaville
  • René-Verrier Tennis Club
  • Sani Marc Sports Complex
  • Rock-Forest Entertaining Center
  • Longueuil Sports Complex
  • City of Gaspé
  • City of Drummondville
  • and hundred of others...

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