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A surface to Rename World the most security and most comfortable to be developed. FIRST COURT ® is chosen by ATP Tour, WTA Tournaments, Davis Cup, Federations Cup, and several other events Pro-Am.

PREMIER COURT® is the only surface which supplies the advantages reality of the weakening(paying off) impact. Conceived(designed) for resoudre the problems of cracks for tennis courts and other surfaces of games(sets).

PREMIER COURT® is a composite cushioned, combined(organized) with an acrylic system Décoturf 5 coats(layers).


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ITALGREEN S.p.A - Synthetic grass grows here, at Italgreen historic factory, where the first made in Italy synthetic grass carpet was created more than thirty years ago.

GEOFILL ® The superior performance deserves the innovative quality GEOFILL ®, the 100% natural infill patented by Italgreen.

Thanks to a revolutionary discovery GEOFILL ® is the first natural infill for synthetic grass carpets: organic granules made mostly of vegetal fibres and minerals. GEOFILL ® is the ecological alternative to common rubber infill systems.

Tennis, soccer, football, baseball.
Surface charged with sand and/or rubber particles which result in a balance ball rebond. A minimal cost is required for periodical maintenance.
Low maintenance cost.
Requires periodic maintenace.
Products approved by FIFA
Products approved by ITF

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Acrylic and rubber systems:
This is the surface of Champions, chosen by U.S. OPEN and Tennis Canada. JOPAT IS THE DISTRIBUTOR OF DECOTURF PRODUCTS IN QUÉBEC. Many systems available. These systems require no maintenance.

Withstands the hard-core punishment of in-line hockey. Made of 100% acrylic resins, street ice is designed for durability. It's the WORLD'S most recognized surface for in-line hockey.

Acrylic coating system designed specifically for non-athletic use. Perfectly suitable for daycares, swimming pool-areas, entrances, driveways etc ...


Laser guided technology is used in construction of clay courts.

guardian crack repair

GUARDIAN® Réparation de fissures
Success is not the term frequently used associated with crack repair products. GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product has changed the game. Leading the industry with successful installations throughout the United States since 2003. GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product.
Since 2006 Jopat has installed over 25000 linear feet in Quebec-Canada. Total warranty of 3 to 5 years.

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